BS EN 1090 Execution Class 3 Certification

In an industry where precision, safety, and reliability are important, D&M Design & Fabrication Ltd has always strived to be the best when it comes to quality and excellence. Today, we are proud to share an important announcement – our certification to BS EN 1090 Execution Class 3.

The Importance of BS EN 1090 Certification

BS EN 1090 is a critical standard for fabricating and assembling steel and aluminium structures in the UK and across Europe. It means ensuring that you meet the highest standards and quality as well as meeting all the important regulations. For D&M Design & Fabrication Ltd, maintaining our BS EN 1090 certification reflects our commitment to these values.

Stepping Up to Execution Class 3

While maintaining our previous standards, we have now elevated our capabilities by achieving certification to Execution Class 3. This is a significant leap from Execution Class 2, allowing us to undertake more complex and challenging projects. Execution Class 3 incorporates a wide range of structures, including bridges, stadiums, and large commercial buildings, demanding a higher level of quality control and technical capability.

Our Responsible Welding Coordinator

Essential to our BS EN 1090 certification is the role of our Responsible Welding Coordinator, Jayne Taylor-Whitticks, European / International Welding Engineer and owner of Magna Inspections Ltd. Jayne’s expertise is crucial in ensuring our welding work adheres to the rigorous standards of the certification, focusing on two key areas: traceability and competence.

We work together to guarantee that every welding process is meticulously documented (traceability) and that our welders are expertly trained and qualified (competence). This ensures that all our welding procedures are up to date and executed correctly, maintaining the high standards required for our BS EN 1090 certification and our step up to Execution Class 3.

Jayne’s role is more than oversight; it’s a partnership in quality and excellence, ensuring every project we undertake is executed with precision and skill.

What This Means for Our Clients

For our clients, this means greater assurance and trust in our services. We are now equipped to handle more diverse and complex projects, with the guarantee of safety and quality that comes with BS EN 1090 and Execution Class 3 certifications. Our team’s expertise, coupled with these certifications, positions us to deliver high-quality results on even the most demanding projects.

Get in touch now to find out how our recertification can help you and your next project. Email us at or call us at 01765 522222.