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Design & Fabrication Services for the motorsport industry

D&M share the same passion for motorsport as racing car drivers and motorbike riders. As a leader in metal fabrication, we can provide the essential parts you need to make repairs, updates or maintenance to your bike or car.

Over the last 12 years, we have been manufacturing parts suitable for all types of motorsport, including Autograss and trial biking. We have created parts such as side panels, pedals, gearbox casings and levers.  Our parts are expertly crafted here at D&M, using our years of metal fabrication and motorsport knowledge.

The extensive range of metal fabrication services we offer means we can come up with a solution to nearly any requirement. We can precision engineer components, form complex parts and create custom fabricated parts to meet your motorsport needs.

Harry Hemingway on trials bike

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We have a wide range of metal fabrication services available for your business needs. Please take a look at the other services we have available.

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