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Metal Finishing

Full finishing services are available

Our metal finishing services are an integral part of our metal fabrication process. We work hard to ensure that when a product leaves our factory floor, it looks great and is fit for purpose.

We work with our clients to find exactly what their project needs; understanding that not every part needs to be finished in the same way; it varies from project to project and heavily depends on the client’s individual needs. That’s why we have a wide range of finishing services available so that you can get the finish your project needs.

Polishing Metal


Our capabilities are suitable for any size of business needs.

If you can’t see the information you need or have a question about the capabilities of our machines, get in touch. We work with trusted partners to ensure that we can always meet everyone’s individual needs; no job is too big or small.

Loewer SmartGrinder

  • Working widths 300mm
  • Material Stainless Steel

Volpato Semi-Automatic Long Belt Sander

  • Working Width 2500mm

Air Blast Containerised Blasting Unit

  • Maximum Part Length 2000mm

Guyson Bead Blasting Units

  • Maximum part length 1000mm


  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper

Different metal finishes

What types of metal finishes are there?

We pride ourselves on our high standards and attention to detail; that’s why our metal finishing services are a crucial step in our fabrication process. We have a variety of finishing services available such as deburring, powder coating, bead & sand blasting, brushed finish, orbital finish and mirror polishing.

Deburring machines in use


Deburring smooths down edges and removes sharp burrs. D&M offers a full deburring & edge rounding service, including manual deburring, machine deburring and rumbling services. Learn more

Powder coating

Powder Coating

Powder coating offers your work a durable, long-lasting painted finish. We consistently provide high-quality, stable powder coating with various colours and textures. Learn more

Sand blasting

Bead Blasting and Sand Blasting

This is the process of shooting high-pressure glass, metal beads or sand at metal parts. This cleans the part’s surface and provides a consistent finish. Bead blasting can even harden the surface of a component, enhancing its durability.

Electrochemical cleaning stainless steel

Electrochemical Finish

Electrochemical finishing is the art of applying paint electrostatically to metal surfaces. It creates a strong bond between the metal surface and the coating. The wraparound effect of the finish means that even hard-to-reach parts will be coated. Leaving your part with a high-quality, robust finish.

Brushed finish being applied to chairs

Brushed finish

Brushed metal is created by polishing the surface of the metal with a fine bristle brush, belt or wheel that moves in the same direction. Leaving a high-quality finish that looks aesthetically pleasing every time.

Applying a Dual Action Orbital Finish

Dual Action Orbital Finish

Parts are polished using an orbital, irregular motion. This motion helps remove scratches and smooth the service without burning the surface; dual-action orbital polish creates a lovely consistent finish.

Adding a mirror finish to stainless steel

Bright Polishing / Mirror Finishing

Mirror finishing gives you an extremely high-quality finish, leaving your metal blemish and scratch-free with a highly reflective, bright polish result.

Assembling chairs

Assembly Services

Our experienced assembly team will carefully assemble your parts as required so that you can rest assured, knowing your parts will be fully completed to a high standard.

Quality control

Quality Control

All parts completed here must be passed through our quality control department. We do rigorous checks on all aspects to guarantee that they are up to our standards. Learn more


Why use our finishing services?

Deburring has many advantages that make it the perfect choice for your sheet metal needs.

Improves safety

The fabrication process is likely to leave behind rough surfaces and sharp edges. Using our metal finishing services, you can rest assured that all sharp and rough edges will have been removed and smoothed down for a consistent, high-quality finish.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Even though there are various metal finishing services available, each one will leave the finished part with an improved appearance; whether that is just smoothing down and removing burrs or adding a textured powder-coated finish, your part is guaranteed to be finished to a high standard every time.

Improved Resistance

A finished part has been proven to last longer than an unfinished metal part. The finishing services we have on offer improve the resistance of the part and the longevity. When parts undergo finishing, it can increase their tolerance to chemical damage and abrasion, improving the overall longevity of the part.

Easy Cleaning

Finished metal provides a smoother, more consistent finish that makes it easier to clean the metal. This reduces the need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process, decreasing the risk of wear to the metal, which helps to improve its durability.


Everything you need to know about metal finishing

We have the answers to all your metal finishing questions, have a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, get in touch, and a member of the team will be on hand to help you with any questions you might have. Call us on 01765 522 222 or email us.

What are burrs, and what causes them?

Burr is the rough, unwanted edges or ridges on the metal formed after fabrication. It is most commonly caused by cutting or welding processes. For the work to be completed to a high standard, burrs must be removed.

How do you remove burrs?

Burrs are removed using a process called deburring. We use various methods to remove burrs from our fabricated parts; deburring discs, rumblers and sanders. We have automatic, semi-automatic, and manual machines to ensure that the result is always of the highest standard.

What is HAVS, and how do you protect your workers from it?

HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) is caused by exposure to vibrations; it can take as little as 6months for HAVS to take hold. HAVS can cause pain, tingling and total loss of feeling, loss of fine motor skills, reduced strength and grip, muscle wastage and Reynaud’s disease. This can affect the user’s ability to work and do little tasks such as buttoning up a shirt. HAVS is a preventable disease but not a curable disease.

We use HAVSco monitoring systems to monitor each user’s vibration dosage. They monitor the vibrations imparted on the hands and fingers. These systems then give a visual alarm if the user has exceeded the action limit or legal limit of HSE points for the task, telling the user to stop.

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