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At D&M, we utilise the latest technologies to ensure the best possible laser cutting services for every customer. We have installed a state of the art 10KW Bystronic Fiber Laser with full sheet handling automation.

This allows us to cut a wide range of metals at differing thicknesses. We can cut up to 30mm in Stainless Steel and Aluminium, 25mm in Mild Steel, and numerous other non-ferrous metals such as Brass, Copper, and Titanium. The latest Bystronic nesting software allows us to cut with an extremely high degree of accuracy. This ensures maximum sheet usage with minimum waste.

The high-speed cutting abilities and extreme flexibility of our Bystronic laser allow us to handle large series orders with ease. Regardless of the material being cut, the Bystronic cutting head excels with maximum precision in thin and thick sheets and profiles.

Laser cutting services at D&M


Our fiber laser cutting services are suitable for any size of business needs.

If you can’t see the information you need or have a question about the capabilities of our machines, get in touch. We work with trusted partners to ensure that we can always meet everyone’s individual needs; no job is too big or small.

Nominal sheet size

  • 3000 x 1500mm

Maximum Material Thickness

  • Stainless Steel 25mm
  • Mild Steel 25mm
  • Aluminium 25mm
  • Copper 12mm
  • Brass 15mm

Laser Sources

  • Fiber

Sheet Loading

  • Automatic sheet loading / unloading

Maximum simultaneous positioning speed

  • 170 m/min

Maximum workpiece weight

  • 1100 kg
Bystronic laser cutting sheet metal

Sheet Metal Cutting

What is laser cutting?

There are numerous types of laser cutting systems currently on the market. Our laser uses a 10KW Bystronic/IPG laser source which produces a beam. The beam is transmitted through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head. The beam is then focused through a series of optics within the head. The beam is set explicitly for each different type and thickness of the material.

The laser uses high-pressure oxygen or nitrogen gas to blow the molten metal through the cut. The laser head is moved around the raw material using a series of linear drives. The power delivered by the fiber source and the position of the cutting head is controlled by the nested profiles created by CAD.


Why choose laser cutting?

Laser Cutting has many advantages that make it the perfect choice for your sheet metal needs.

Laser Cut Decorative Panel


Laser cutting uses a powerful, focused beam of light which cuts the metal with unparalleled accuracy. The tolerance for laser cutting is much lower than that of plasma cutters or die-cutting tools, making it a much more precise option.

CNC Controlled Laser Cutter

Less Wastage

Laser cutting is run by CNC (Computerised numerical control), which means that once the formulas have been entered into the machine, each part or product will be cut identically. This accuracy allows it to utilise a higher percentage of sheet metal, reducing your amount of wastage and overall costs.

Detailed shapes cut out of sheet metal


Laser cutters can cut out many different shapes without changing your tools. This makes it a versatile tool that can cut multiple jobs out simultaneously as long as the sheet metal is the same thickness.

laser cut detailed parts

Reduced Damage Risk

Due to the high speed of the laser cutter, heat is minimised in the surrounding material. This reduces the size of the heat-affected zones (HAZs), meaning a lower chance of thermal damage to the nearby components.


Everything you need to know about sheet metal laser cutting fabrication

We have the answers to all your laser cutting questions, have a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, get in touch, and a member of the team will be on hand to help you with any questions you might have. Call us on 01765 522 222 or send us an email.

Why use a fiber laser cutter?

Fiber laser cutting machines are powerful and extremely precise; they can cut up to 5 times faster than a standard CO2 laser. They can also cut through reflective materials such as brass and copper without worrying whether the reflection will damage the machine.

How accurate is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a precise machine cutting method; it is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to cut any material. Laser cutting is controlled by computers which results in cuts with very low tolerances.

What is suitable to be laser cut?

Our laser cutter is versatile and can cut different types of metal, including Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Copper.

We can also cut a range of parts from tiny pieces measuring only a few centimetres right up to large pieces that have been made into large tanks and hoppers. We are also able to cut intricate patterns and details out.

Latest Technologies

We use the latest equipment.

We use the Bystronic Bystar 10KW Fiber laser cutter. It has enhanced cutting quality and is extremely fast compared to alternative machines. Bystronic is the leader in laser cutting machine manufacturing. Their machines are known for quality, precision and speed.

Bystronic Bystar Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

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