Our Technologies

Latest Technologies

We use the latest equipment when producing work

At D&M, we strive to always be at the top of our game, which is why it is vital to have the best technologies available. We not only invest in our people, helping them to better themselves and hone their skills, but it’s also imperative to invest in the best technologies available. That way, our expert team always has the best tools to aid them with their work.

If you can’t see the information you need or have a question about the capabilities of our machines, get in touch. We work with trusted partners to ensure that we can always meet everyone’s individual needs.

CAD / CAM Design

  • Solidworks 2023 Professional
  • Hypermill 2021 Expert
  • EdgeCAM
  • Radan
  • Fusion 360

Laser Cutting

  • Bystronic Bystar 10kw Fibre Laser Cutter


  • NS Maquinas DM1100ZCK(XL)
  • Loewer 2TD-500
  • Loewer 4TD-1500
  • Loewer Swing Grinder
  • Gecam Semi-Automatic Edge Rounding Machine

Finishing Services

  • Loewer SG300KKK Smart Grinder with 3 Heads
  • Volpato Semi-Automatic Long Belt Sander

CNC Folding

  • 2 x Amada HFE M2 025
  • Amada HFE M2 1003
  • Amada HFE M2 1303
  • Amada HFE M2 1704
  • Amada HFE M2 2204

Welding / Fabrication

  • 16 x Welding Bays
  • 2 x Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Bays

Fastener Insertion Services

  • Haeger 824 MSP 5e

Powder Coating / Bead Blasting

  • Line Oven Plant
  • Air Blast Containerised Blasting Unit
  • Guyson Bead Blasting Unit

CNC Turning

  • Doosan Puma 2600 SY II
  • Doosan Lynx 2100 A
  • Knuth VHF 3.2

CNC Milling

  • Doosan DNM 6700
  • Doosan DNM 6700 with the Nikken 4th axis

Sawing / Cutting

  • Bianco 330 AE